Breastfeeding: Tips To Increase Breast Milk Supply

During the breastfeeding period, there comes a time when mothers notice a reduction in the breast milk supply. This sudden change in the milk supply, often leads to panic and majority of the mothers usually tend to opt for the formula milk.

As a breastfeeding mom, if you are experiencing a low breast milk supply, don’t be tempted to give up and switch your child to formula. There are a number of natural ways by which you can easily increase your milk production. Just be positive and continue to nurse while following the various ways to increase the milk supply


Here are some excellent tips to increase breast milk supply. In order to increase the milk production it is very important that you make sure, if you are maintaining the simple basics of the nursing appropriately.

Dos - Things to do for a good supply of breast milk. Mothers should make sure

1.To have proper rest, should take small naps whenever possible.
2.To drink enough liquids in form of milk , water or juice, 64 ounces of water every day is a must
3.To eat a nutritious diet for good milk supply
4.To nurse frequently as it helps to increase the milk production

Don’ts - Mothers should make sure that they are not doing things that can limit their milk supply

1.Smoking reduces the milk supply so stay away from cigarettes till the time to plan to breastfeed.
2.Allergy medications are also responsible for decreasing the milk supply.
3.If you sleep on your stomach , you tend to compress the breasts at night , so avoid sleeping on your stomach
4.Wearing a tight bra can also be a reason for a decrease in the milk supply.

Nurse More Often and More Effectively

Besides following the Dos and Don’ts , the most important thing to be kept in mind in

the process of boosting your milk supply is to keep an eye on how your baby is positioned during the feeds.
When a baby is  well-attached and sucks effectively, and is properly and comfortably positioned, the nursing periods tends to be longer. When a baby nurses often and for long periods, the more milk will be produced.Therefore, the single most important way to increase your milk production is by nursing frequently.

Increase Stimulation by massage

To increase the milk supply increase stimulation by massage. Simply  apply a warm compress to your breast by using a hot water bottle and then massage your breast slowly and gently. Stroke your breasts from the top to down and over the nipple, using a light feather touch. Gently massage in a circular motion for a while and then lean forward and gently shake your breasts, to encourage the stimulation to release milk.

This gentle massage on regular babies really helps to relax and stimulates oxytocin secretion. Oxytocin is a mammalian hormone which arouses and stimulates the nipples immensely, and facilitates breastfeeding. Increase stimulation by massage is a very easy and effective way to boost your breast milk production.

Follow these dos and don’ts and if you still think that your milk supply is not sufficient, go get professional help without any delay. A lactation consultant can really help you to boost your milk supply by recommending herbal remedies or medicines and will also evaluate your baby’s latch-on.

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