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Congratulation Messages and Wishes For Baby Boy
Published By Ruby Samy on 2011-08-21 1269 Views

If you are looking for congratulation messages for a new born baby boy then your search ends here. In this article you will find an excellent collection of congratulation messages and wishes for baby boy.

Here is an amazing list of messages to write in cards or letters of congratulations. Whatever mode you chose to send your wishes by text, or email, I am sure you will find the perfect saying to send congratulations to the new parents

Read on to find the best new born baby boy message;  and go ahead and use it to express your thoughts on the new bundle of joy!

1 Get ready for years of excitement and fun with your wonderful new little son! Congratulations!

2 A Little Baby is really fun, so get ready for lots of laughter and noise with your son
Big hugs and toys, and so many joys, Congratulations for your baby boy!

3 Choo Choo! Here comes your new Boy! All aboard for the trip of a lifetime. Congratulations dear new parents!

4 Tiny fingers, tiny toes, tiny belly, tiny nose, twinkly eyes, bitsy knees, a brand new baby is sure to please. What a joy - a new baby boy! Congratulations

5 Welcome Baby Boy! There’s so much to see and do, so much adventure waiting for you, time for fun, time to run, everything’s new under the sun.

6 There is nothing prouder than holding that special boy in your arms. His sweet little smile and his tiny weeny  fingers and toes.­ Congrats to a great happy family and new mum and dad.

7 We are so happy your new baby boy is here.
We send you blessings, love and lots of cheer!

8 Heres to the lucky little boy
Who’s sure to be your pride and joy;
Here’s to his lucky parents, too-
May life be good to all of you!

9 Congratulations on the new little bundle of joy,
Wishing you much happiness in the years ahead!

10  A wonderful boy came into the world!
Now you,my friends will never be bored – the prince will not allow you to !  Congratulations

11 On the birth of your Baby Boy
Here’s a message to say
May the gladness you share
Keep increasing each day

12 A sweet and new baby boy…brings your hearts so much joy. Congratulations It’s a boy!

Hope you enjoyed reading this collection of congratulation messages and wishes for the baby boy. So bookmark this page right now and use these congratulation quotes and messages to convey your wishes to the new parents.

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