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Congratulation Messages and Wishes For Twin Baby
Published By Ruby Samy on 2011-08-21 1563 Views

If you are looking for twin baby congratulation messages and wishes then your search ends here. In this article you will find an excellent collection of congratulation messages and wishes for twin baby .

Here is an amazing list of messages to write in cards or letters of congratulations. Whatever mode you chose to send your wishes by text, or email, I am sure you will find the perfect saying to send congratulations to the new parents blessed with twins.

Read on to find the best twin baby message;  and go ahead and use it to express your thoughts on the arrival of new born twins.

1 We are very glad to hear the announcement of twin boys/girls coming to lighten your life. May God bless you with all the happiness in the world!

2 Double blessings, double joys, Twice the laughter, twice the noise, Two times the adventures great and small, Twins are the greatest adventure of all. Congratulations!

3 Congratulations! Here’s to having your arms full of babies and your hearts full of love.

4 Welcome Twins! How proud and happy you must be, with a bundle of joy on each knee. Congratulations!

5 There’s two to wash, Two to dry
Two who argue , And two who cry.
There’s two to kiss , Two to hug
And best of all Two to Love!

6  Twins! How Wonderful! What a lucky pair to have such an awesome family to share. Congratulations!

7 Congratulations new parents  I am looking forward to meet the newly arrived twin bundles of your joy!

8 It’s fun to watch them grow
And to dress them up & show them off
To everyone you know
So it isn’t hard to understand
How happy you must be
With darling little baby twins
Added to your family!

9 Congratulations!!! Congratulations!!!  Twice the wishes…  One each for the two new members of your family

10 Congratulations, congratulations
Soooo glad to hear your news
Twin babies well done, well done
Good things come in two’s

11 Congratulations to both of you!! It was really a very pleasant surprise to know that you have been blessed with twins. I am sure you guys are going to be wonderful parents, but one thing is for sure that both of you guys are going to have your hands full, quite literally. Best of luck dear new parents.

12 Congratulations on the arrival of the twins!! The fact that both of you are such wonderful human beings are proved by this act of God who has bestowed upon you with twice the happiness…..

Hope you enjoyed reading this collection of congratulation messages and wishes for the twin baby. So bookmark this page right now and use these congratulation quotes and messages to convey your wishes to the new parents.

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