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How to remove cigarette smell from your house
Published By Ruby Samy on 2011-02-06 262 Views

Cigarette odor is odious! Non –smokers detest it and most of all it is not good for your loved ones living with you in your home. Whatever tactics you apply, every smoker knows that it is very difficult to cover up the cigarette smell. Unfortunately there is no magic to eliminate the cigarette odor which seeps into almost everything in your house like walls, flooring, carpets and rugs, bedspreads, furniture, curtains, lampshades, clothing, etc .

Getting rid of the stale cigarette smell is not a one time task. I am sure you will agree with me that it is actually an ongoing job and there is no one particular way that can be applied to get rid of the cigarette smell. There are some time tested household tips which can help you to eliminate cigarette odor from your home.

To get rid of the cigarette smell, the best way is to attack it by

• Preventing cigarette odor build up

• Neutralizing and Cleaning by using natural home remedies

Prevent cigarette smell build up

1. The very best and easiest preventative tactic is to smoke outdoors.

2. Avoid smoking inside the house especially into a confined area.

3. Make an effort and smoke near by the window.

4. Fresh air is a must! Open your windows to allow some air exchange while smoking and also leave them open everyday for an hour or two to simply let the fresh air come inside your house.

5. Keep a bowl of baking soda near by your ashtray to prevent cigarette smell build-up. Baking soda absorbs the cigarette odor to a great extent.

Eliminate cigarette smell by using natural cleansers

1. Air and fabric neutralizer spray, such as Febreeze does a great job in eradicating the stale cigarette smell.

2. Use Baking soda, it is considered as a very effective odor absorber. Simply sprinkle it all over your carpet and let it sit overnight or at least for three to four hours. Then just vacuum to get the baking soda up, the results are amazing the cigarette odor will definitely leave the carpet and also the room.

3. During the winter you can easily get rid of cigarette smell simply by using some dried lemon, lime slices or orange or grapefruit rinds All you got to do is just light your fireplace and throw them in the fire.

4. You can also opt for lighting scented candles scented with essential oils to get rid of stale cigarette smell.

5. Clean your house by making a cleaning solution using Vinegar and water.

Remember Cigarette smell is quite stubborn, and you will have to use more than one of these odor removal techniques for excellent results. But I am sure if you practice these tips regularly; you can still smoke and afford to live in a fresh, sweet-smelling atmosphere.

But bear in mind my dear friend, the best way to eliminate smoke odor is by quitting Smoking. And we all know “Cigarette smoking is injurious to Health!”

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