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Indian Heena: Mehndi Skin art
Published By Ruby Samy on 2011-06-29 89 Views

The term Mehndi refers to the green powder and paste which is made from the leaves of the Henna plant. The biological name of Henna is Lawsonia inermis but is commonly and popularly known as Mehndi in India. The term Mehndi is also the name given to the design on the skin made by Henna powder. And at the same time the party or ceremony where henna is applied on the feet and hands is called Mehndi.

The India's Mehndi skin art is an ancient Indian body art which has become a modern fashion accessory in the present times. It has actually become a modern craze in the present times. Mehndi originated in Egypt and in Middle Eastern countries during ancient times and it slowly spread to India and now is famous all over the world as typical Indian tradition of skin art.


The ancient Indian art of adorning and decorating the hands and feet with intricate designs and patterns, using a paste made from the finely ground leaves of the henna plant is popularly known as mehndi skin art.

It's safe, harmless and painless method to decorate the skin with intricate designs since it does not require the skin to be pierced. This method is completely natural and non-toxic. It's enjoyable, exotic, beautiful, and as simple or complicated as you want it to be. The mehndi skin art can last on your skin for a couple of days or as long as a month depending on the quality of the henna powder you choose. Mehndi is used since the ancient times and presently is one of the most popular natural herb used for making temporary tattoos, colouring the nails and colouring the body.

The Mehndi Skin art is an ancient wedding tradition of India. Every bride has a mehndi party before the day of her marriage where a special mehndi ceremony takes place and all the friends and relatives participate in the application of mehndi. The mother, sister and all the women and girls get their hands decorated by mehndi skin art for the special occasions like weddings and even on festivals the Indian women love to adorn their hand and feet with mehndi.

For the mehndi ceremony the specialist in Mehndi art application are invited to the ceremony to apply henna for the bride. The hands and feet of the bride are beautifully and intricately decorated for the wedding occasion. The mehndi art is considered very auspicious for festivals and religious occasions. In some Indian customs during the wedding both the bride and bridegroom apply henna.

The application of Mehndi in the Indian culture is a sign of a joyous occasion; it is almost always used on celebratory occasions, such as Diwali, Eid, wedding, engagement and so on.

I remember my mehndi ceremony before the wedding as it was fun and full of excitement. I got a wonderful mehndi skin art done on my feet and hands which lasted for a month and was beautiful dark orange.It is believed that if you get a dark colour of mehndi on your skin your mother in law loves you a lot.

And in reality its true my mother in law is a gem of a person and I love her a lot as she treats me just like her own daughter.


To create a mehndi design or a temporary tattoo, add water to the henna powder so that it becomes a paste. Apply this paste in a cone on your hand, feet or wherever you want. Keep it for up to 2 hours. A deep orange colour will be left on the skin that will slowly fade away within a period of 2- 3 weeks. You can make you tattoo in intricate patterns or the way you like.

Indian Mehndi skin art is the most practical way to enjoy tattoos without enduring the poking of a needle as it is a short-term tattoo.It plays an important role in the Indian culture and no wedding is complete without henna application. It is a must as it is considered as a symbol of fertility and love between the husband and wife.

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