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Natural ways to get rid of earaches and ear infections
Published By Ruby Samy on 2011-02-03 760 Views

Ear infection and earache is a very common household ailment. Rushing to the doctor to get an antibiotic treatment takes lots of time. You need not suffer in pain by the time you get an appointment to meet the doctor. There are some time tested home remedies, which can give you instant relief and save you from the agony of earaches and ear infections.

Ear infections occur due to bacterial or viral infections. When a person is suffering from a cold, sinus, throat infection or an allergy attack, the Eustachian tubes connecting the middle ear to the throat usually become blocked. This blockage leads to stop the fluids from draining from the middle ear. It is this fluid which acts as a perfect breeding ground for bacteria and viruses which later grow into an ear infection, and cause ear ailments. Read on to learn the natural ways to get rid of earaches and ear infections.

Relief by Heat

Simply use a blow dryer from about 12 to 15 inches from your head and air your ear . This will help aid to remove water trapped in the Eustachian tube and will prevent from further growth of ear infection. Alternatively use a warm water bottle against the ear to get instant relief from ear pain. It's a time tested home remedy used commonly from the ancient times. You can also take hot water bath as it helps to relieve the pain and clear the wax inside the ear.

Take a socks and fill it with salt or rice. Keep these socks for a few seconds in he microwave.Then place this warm socks on the ear or just behind it. Doing this helps draw the water out form the ear and makes a huge difference to the ear infection and earache.

Ease the Ache by kitchen ingredients

Extract some juice from few cloves of garlic. Mix it with a teaspoon of olive oil. Drop this antibacterial mix in the painful ear. It helps a great deal in relieving the ear pain and also helps to fight the infection. Increase the intake of garlic in your diet as it helps to fight viruses and bacteria.

Onion juice is very effective to get rid of ear aches and infections. Warm grated onion slightly in a microwave, and drop a few drops of juice into the ear with a dropper. It's an instant way to get relief, commonly used for infants and children.

Boost your immunity Increase the vitamin C intake when suffering from ear infection and ear aches. Vitamin C helps to boost the immunity and is very good in providing relief for ear aches. Drink lots of fluids take multi- vitamin to increase your immunity.

Say No to Smoking and Dairy Products

When suffering from ear infection avoid milk, cheese, butter and other dairy products as they tend to increase the ear infection. Stop smoking completely when suffering from ear infection or ear aches as smoking.

Tips to prevent Earaches and Ear infections

1) Keep your ears covered and protected from cold winds. Do not expose your ears in cold as it enhances the infection and ear aches.

2) Wear earplugs for swimming and remember to blow dry your ears after swimming and showering.

3) When suffering from cold , blow your nose gently. Blowing too forcefully can push bacteria back into your ear from your sinuses and can easily trigger the infection.

4) Don’t try to get all the wax from your ears. Earwax coats the ear canal and protects the ear from moisture so do not clean complexly.

Most of the ear infections get better usually without any treatment or by using these natural home remedies, but if you are in doubt of the severity of the problem you should always contact your doctor at the earliest. Visit the Doctor , if your ear is extremely painful and if it hurts for more than a few days.

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