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What Does the Slant of Your Handwriting Tells About Your Personality
Published By Ruby Samy on 2011-05-11 110 Views

Handwriting is like a true reflection of your personality. Do you know when you scribble on paper to write something unknowingly you disclose much more about yourself, than you want to.

The way you write reveals a lot about you. Whether you write small or large, dark or light, it tells about your nature. The curves and angles in your handwriting, give a great insight into your character and your innermost thoughts. Writing indeed reveals a lot about your character and nature. The slant of your handwriting signifies about your personality traits enormously.

Handwriting is truly considered as a writer’s true image which reveals lot of information about the writer. Read on to learn about what does the slant of your handwriting reveals.

Types of Slant In Handwriting

The basic rule while analyzing a handwriting is to check the overall slant of the handwriting which means, how the writing generally looks like on the paper. Handwriting is mainly divided into three types of slants.                 
1.vertically upright (straight)
2.leans towards the left (left slant)
3.leans towards right (right slant)

What does vertical upright Slant of your handwriting Reveals

A vertically upright or very slightly leaning towards right handwriting tells that the writer is ruled by his/her head and not by his/her heart. Straight slant is a very positive trait . People with straight slant are always logical  and practical in their nature. Emotions don’t affect their decisions at all. Writing which is upright reveals self control, confidence, coldness, neutrality, and self sufficiency along with independence.

What does Left Slant of your handwriting  Reveals

If your writing leans to the left to a large extent, it means that you tends to be introvert. You don’t like to mix up with the people around you, and try to stay aloof in your own world. Mostly people with left slant  have found to be experienced a  bad tragedy earlier in their life. They are  generally scared of the future. If you have a left slant , try to change your handwriting to change your personality. Left slant in writing reveals introversion, self-denial, egotism, fears for the future and general withdrawal.

What does Right Slant of your handwriting Reveals

When the handwriting leans towards right ,it shows that the writer is ruled more by his/her heart rather than the head. Right slant writers are generally  emotional in nature, are extrovert, expressive, sympathetic. They are open to the world around them  and love to socialize with other people.

Hope you liked the info on handwriting analysis based on reading the slants.To learn more about your signatures check  What Does Your Signature Say About Your Personality?


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