Colours Talk: What Does Your Favourite Colour Say About You

Royal purple or Vibrant Orange, Peaceful Blue or Dynamic Red, all of us have our favorite color, but do you know what your favorite color says about you. Colors talk and they reveal a lot about your personality and preferences. So if you want to know what your favorite color says about you, or are interested to find out about your friend or fiance, read on to learn about what colors reveal.

Check the colors talk right now : What does your favorite color say about you !

If you love Red you are Bright, Dynamic and Dramatic.

Red is the color of

love, joy, anger and bravery. People who often wear red are generally energetic and optimistic in their nature. They love attention and enjoy being in the spotlight. Those who love red color believe in living life to the fullest and are stubborn, very persistent in their endeavors. Red color lovers are mostly found to be impulsive, sexy, athletic and they are generally prone to mood swings.

If you love Yellow you are Creative and Artistic.

Yellow is the color associated with happiness and cheerful spirits. People who love yellow are very social and imaginative. They tend to be intellectual and idealistic. Those who love yellow are usually very clear about their thoughts. They love to have high ideals in life and favor freedom of thought and action. They are impulsive and love to make quick decisions.

If you love Orange you are Social, Warm and Optimistic.

Orange is the color which denotes spice and warmth. People who love orange are extremely friendly in nature and generally very pleasant at heart who get along with almost everyone. They tend to help people around them and are always full of positive energy. Orange color lovers are tolerant at heart and easily accept other the way they are .

If you love Pink you are Romantic, Sensual and Sensitive .

Pink lovers are loving, generous and very kind to others. Pink color is very calm and so are the people who love pink color. Pink lovers are generally sympathetic and compassionate to people around them and they extremely dislike controversy of any kind. They are reserved and non - violent which gives the impression that they are shy. Most of all pink lovers have a maternal instinct, they see the good in everyone and possess a positive outlook in life.

If you love Green you are Practical in life, Loyal and Affectionate.

Green color is regarded as color of generosity and compassion. Green lovers are frank ,very stable and down to earth individuals. They always like to do the right thing and possess high moral values. They are loyal friends and are very faithful partners. Green lovers love peace and have a strong will. Green lovers biggest desire is to belong and to love and be loved at all times.

If you love Blue you are Trustworthy, Confident and Self Controlled

Blue color is considered as serene, the color of peace and contentment. Blue lovers

are very sensitive and are not impulsive or spontaneous in their nature. They take their responsibilities very seriously and are genuine at heart. Blue lovers love harmony and make very good friends. They crave for wisdom and thirst for knowledge in their area of interest. They seem to worry for very small things in life and are always extremely cautions.

If you love Purple or Violet you are Compassionate and Sensitive

Purple color is associated with luxury and sensuality. Purple color lovers are artistic in nature, creative and glamorous. They are supportive and always think of others before themselves. They possess a strong desire to be different and often achieve high authority positions in life. They are true in nature and generous givers. Very idealistic and often impractical, love to live in an imaginary world of fantasy.

If you love Black you are Strong - willed and Love Power

Black color denotes independence and Determination. Black color is a sign of sophistication and black lovers are mostly non – emotional as they lack color in their life. Black lovers are often artistic and sensitive , love to be in control of situations and very serious in nature. They like to keep a distance with people and keep their emotions at guard. They are very methodical in their work and love to follow details.

If you love Brown you are Reliable and Confident

Brown is considered as the color of stability and Sincerity. Brown lovers are very honest and down to earth people. They are very friendly and approachable in nature, sensual warm and supportive. They are very hard working and do not like unfair and unjust things. Very contemplative people who love simple, safe and secure life.

If you love White you are Optimistic and Far – Sighted

The color white is associated with innocence, purity and cleanliness. White color lovers are mostly very organized and logical people. You can never find them with clutter around, and are very hygienic. They are very confident and practical in nature. They are not at all prone to impulsive behavior, are very poised and self assured. They love simplicity in life.

If you love Grey you are Self Reliant and Independent

The color grey denotes stability, respect and wisdom. Grey lovers are very cautious in nature and usually find it difficult to make up their mind quickly. They avoid making decisions. Grey lovers love comfort and constancy. They are mature and responsible in nature and believe in practicality.

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