Dark Armpits: Common Causes For Dark Underarms

A dark underarm can be described as a condition wherein the skin under the arms has a darker hue, as compared to the rest of the body. It is indeed a common beauty ailment which can be treated simply by adopting correct cleaning routine.

Women suffering from dark underarms usually avoid wearing sleeveless tops and dresses as dark armpits cause lot of embarrassment and awkwardness. Well from now on stop bothering your self because of the dark armpits, and get set to tackle this beauty ailment.

In order to get rid of dark underarms it is very important to understand the common

causes of dark armpits. Read on to learn about the top beauty sins we do unknowingly, which lead to dark armpits .


If you clean your armpits by shaving them, then you need to stop this cleaning method right away. Shaving the armpits is one of the most common reasons for dark armpits.

Under arms become dark due to the growth of thick hair under the skin. Shaving makes your hair growth thick which leads to dark armpits. Put a stop to your shaving exercise to clean your underarms.

Alternatively simply opt for waxing. It is one of the best treatments to whiten underarms as it helps to remove the hair from the roots. When there is no hair left under the skin, the underarms look neat and clean. Regular waxing also helps to reduce the hair growth immensely.

Dead Skin Build up / Improper Washing

If you do not clean your underarms properly they will obviously appear black and dark. Dead skin will build up and will make your armpits look dirty. Therefore it is essential to scrub your underarms at least twice a week religiously, to stay away from building up of dead skin.

While taking your shower devote some extra time in cleaning your underarms by exfoliating them with a scrub, this will surly help to get rid of the dead skin. Scrub your armpits with a pumice stone regularly to avoid dead skin build up.

Flabby and Sagging Arms

If your arms are flabby and sagging, this could be a reason for your dark armpits. Due to the constant rubbing of the skin against the skin, your underarms turn dark. Therefore the only remedy for you, is too shed few pounds and get your arms in



Friction is one of the main culprit causing dark underarms. You need to stay away from polyester or synthetic clothing, and choose pure cotton clothing instead. Also stop wearing very tight blouses and tops to avoid friction. Friction darkens the underarms to a great extent.

Hair Removing creams

Hair removal creams also cause dark underarms because hair removing creams remove the hair only from the surface and leave the roots of the hair, in tact under the skin.

Hair under the skin makes your underarm appear dark. The chemicals used in the hair removal creams are also not good for your skin. Cleaning underarms with hair removal creams is easy but the result is dark underarms and increase in hair growth.

Hyper pigmentation

Hyper pigmentation can also be a reason for dark underarms. You can have hyper pigmentation by hereditary. The best thing to do for hyper pigmentation is to check with a skin specialist to get the right treatment.

Anti-Perspirants and Deodorants

Harsh or strong deodorants and antiperspirants usually irritate and aggravate the skin immensely leading to dark underarms. A regular use of deodorants and anti-perspirants results in underarms discoloration. Therefore simply minimize using them and use only when you really need to. Make a habit of washing your armpits in the night to get rid of the chemicals from deos. Avoid excessive use of antiperspirant roll – on but choose for anti - fungal powder instead or alcohol free.

By now you know the different causes leading to dark underarms. To treat dark underarms naturally by using household remedies check

Underarm Whitening: Tips to treat Dark under Arms

Get set to whiten your dark armpits and go shopping to buy those beautiful sleeveless tank tops and dresses which you have been dreaming about. Happy shopping and get set to expose your underarms boldly!

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