Hair Loss Factors: Causes Of Hair Loss And And Slow Hair Growth Reasons, Factors That Affect Hair Growth

Learn about the various factors that cause hair loss and affect hair growth and understand the reasons which lead to a number of hair problems. Read on to learn how to stop hair loss and how to boost your hair growth simply by following a proper hair care routine and by eating a balanced diet. 

There are number of factors which lead to hair loss and affect hair growth. In order to make your hair grow faster and longer it is very important that you understand the various reasons which cause hair problems. Read on to learn about the factors which

cause hair loss and affects hair growth immensely.

Extensive use of Hair Products

To avoid hair loss and to improve your hair growth; you must stop the extensive use of hair products. The chemicals used in the hair products are extremely harmful for your hair. Try to keep your hair nourished and beautiful by using natural home remedies and natural products.

Applying chemicals in the hair no doubt gives good results but the long term effects are really severe. Extensive use of hair products results in hair loss, dry and brittle hair, and also affects your hair growth enormously.

Poor diet

A healthy diet is not only important for your body but also for your hair. People who suffer from nutritional deficiencies tend to have dull, brittle or thinning hair and at times also experience hair loss. 

Poor diet, indeed can lead to various hair problems and can affect hair growth. Therefore it is necessary that you consume a balanced diet each day, for optimum hair growth.


The hair growth is directly related to your hormones. Too much of stress and strain causes the fluctuation of hormones which results in hair loss and also affects the hair growth.

People who are depressed and who undergo a large amount of stress generally tend to loose hair.

The bottom line is that if you want to stop hair loss, you need to stop stressing too. Stressing is not at all good for your health and your Hair.

Damaged Hair and dry scalp

Hair growth and hair loss largely depends on the overall health of your hair and scalp too. People with healthy hair and scalp, tend to have higher hair growth rate as compared to people who have dry scalp and damaged or brittle hair.

If you suffer from dandruff and dry scalp you are more likely to have slower hair growth. Therefore it is very important to massage your hair and scalp regularly to avoid hair problems.

Poor Hair care

Poor hair care routine can also lead to hair loss and can affect the hair growth. Washing the hair often removes the much needed nutrients and natural oils from your hair. Even aggressive brushing, blow drying and tight hair styling, leads to various hair problems. Therefore, it is very important to follow a good hair care routine in order to prevent hair loss.

Now you know the various factors that cause hair loss and affect hair growth. So from now on take care of your diet, stop using too much chemicals on your hair, avoid stress and adopt a good hair care routine. 

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