Benefits Of Honey: Amazing Beauty Uses Of Honey , Beauty Applications Of Honey

Honey is an effective beauty ingredient to enhance external beauty. Just washing your face and applying honey on to face can drastically improve the facial blemishes. Internal consumption of honey is equally important to improve the appearance of the skin. Read on to learn about the amazing beauty benefits of honey.

Honey prevents ageing

A spoonful of honey taken regularly is considered an effective anti-ageing remedy. Honey can combat the effect of ageing and it can replenish the moisture of skin. It has an anti-inflammatory effect which delays the degenerative process of the skin.

Natural Honey skin cleanser 

Honey is an excellent

skin cleanser and widely used in skin cleansing formulations. It can magically exfoliate the skin and bring out smooth and soft skin to the surface.

Honey for Glowing skin

Blend together honey and tomato to make a thick paste. Dab over the face and wash away with warm water after 15 min. Glowing skin can be yours for others to envy. Result is amazing, instant glow in just few minutes.

Honey Moisturizer

Honey can be a great moisturizer for skin. During winter months, it can be used as an effective moisturizer. The same honey can be transformed to a conditioner by blending it with olive oil. Wash the hair after leaving the conditioner for an hour or two.

Honey Cuts down weight

Compared to white sugar, honey is a natural sweetener and helps to lose weight. Honey does not cause sharp spike in blood sugar levels and even a diabetic can rely on honey as a sweetener. Additionally, it can boost the immune system.

Honey Natural antiseptic

Bees make a protein and add them to honey known as defensin-1. This protein is useful in treating wounds and skin infections. Honey helps to heal wounds faster. It helps to

remove the dead tissue and provides a favourable environment for new healthy tissue to grow fighting bacterial infections. Draws body fluid and nutrients to the wound site and promotes faster cell growth. Glucose oxidase is an enzyme found in honey, when combines with water forms hydrogen peroxide and forms a mild antiseptic.

Sunburn relief from Honey 

Having sunburn and walking out with smeared honey is almost impossible. Just blend one part honey and two part moisturizer and apply over sunburned area of your body. You will get relief from sunburn and your skin will also feel protected.

Manuka Honey Prevents Acne Scars

Fretting over acne scars? Manuka honey is the best. It is an exceptional form of medicinal honey which stimulates collagen formation and reduces scars. Simply apply the honey over the gauze and apply on scars regularly.Manuka honeyfor acne  is indeed efffective natural home remedy to treat acne

Is there a bottle of honey left unused in your kitchen pantry? Get that bottle of honey and use it to enhance your health and your beauty. Simply use honey and help your skin steer clear of blemishes! The beauty benefits of honey are really amazing; it is indeed a magical natural product. 

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